When Failure Becomes A Movement Of My Prayers

When I am excessively worn out, making it impossible to gather my considerations, when there are such a large number of disappointments to admit, a straightforward development of the heart turns into my petition. I contemplate or endeavor to recall the closeness of His guaranteed Presence however I feel a long way from Him and feel Him not in any manner. Having missed the mark concerning the check once more and overloaded continuously tensions, heavenly dread prohibits me to assume however directions me to depend on Divine Mercy. A flood of regret needs to surface, yet my brain is excessively drowsy, making it impossible to endure in excess of a weak murmur.

Indeed, even as I endure this void of commitment unconscious, an increasingly basic development grabs hold. Acquainted with my shortcoming, the Lamb who has appeared on the scene carefully moans in my murmur and persistently joins my pitiful offering to His sublime forfeit of acclaim. Without my knowing how the Good Shepherd is driving me out of self-occupation and into incredible quiet – all He needs is an unassuming demonstration of trust.

In the shadow of so incredible thus undeserved a blessing, I battle to bring down my head and twist my knees, however not futile: His supplication delicately moves my petition when I can ask no more.