Genesis 2:18-25


God is the designer of society. He has declared his design to be that man is to be accompanied by a helper. This helper is not to be of the animal kingdom nor is it to be another man. God specially designed the right companion for man. He presented her to man and man called her woman. Verse 24 brings the reader to Moses‘ present. No doubt there were many perversions of human relations that the Israelites had encountered and were yet to. Fornication, adultery, homosexuality, bestiality are all condemned by God here. All these are against God’s plan for man.

On the opposite extreme of loose sexual standards is the excessive shame put on children by some parents, religious leaders and societies. For whatever reason there is the attempt made to make a couple feel that what is good and right in the marriage bed is illicit if for any other reason than to procreate. However, we read here that when God put the first couple together they were naked and were not ashamed. They were under God’s tutelage and God did not teach them to be ashamed.