Are You Leaving?



I must pray to God to help me with my negativity. I am realizing after more than 30 years that so much of what I have thought is fundamentally wrong. That’s not to say that I have completely misunderstood everything. But for too long I’ve had a fundamental misunderstanding of what the Scriptures are, and just as importantly, what they are not. In many ways this has left me frustrated and disappointed. I feel like I am just now at a point in my spiritual development that I should have reached years ago. I also find myself frustrated at people who have the same ugly and divisive attitude that I used to have. Here’s some irony for you—some of those attitudes are being directed at me now.

I see many others who are in a similar position to me. They are hurt, upset and frustrated. Unfortunately, many have decided to give up on our heritage and leave the Churches of Christ. It’s not that I necessarily blame them. There’s nothing that is more holy about the Church of Christ. But, as I work through my own frustration, I am beginning to realize that leaving isn’t the answer. In fact, giving up and leaving is rarely the right answer. Love is the answer. Patience is the answer. Mercy is the answer. Grace is the answer. Leading is the answer. Aren’t these some of the things that you think are missing in your Church community; and that have upset you to the point that you’re considering leaving? Before you leave, just think about whether or not you’re ready to withhold from others the very thing you wish they would have more of.

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