A Gentle Whisper


I remembering hearing Francis Chan say (at the Tulsa Workshop) that he often wondered and asked God why he didn’t do great things in his life like he did with Elijah on Mt. Carmel.

I often wonder those same things. I believe in and worship the same God as Elijah. What makes him so special that he got the front row seat to an awesome spectacle like he did? I guess there’s probably a lot of answers to that question. Most I probably haven’t thought of.

But I want to change the subject just slightly. Even though I sometimes I feel like God isn’t doing the big stuff in my life, doesn’t mean he’s not doing some stuff in my life. You remember that movie on Mt. Carmel had a sequel. It was set on Mt. Horeb (aka Mt. Sinai). Elijah and God were the main characters again. But the plot was very different. I imagine that Elijah went to Mt. Horeb with some pretty big expectations of God; probably something like he just did on Carmel ¬†or with Moses many years earlier. Instead what he got was God revealing himself through a gentle whisper. Not exactly the pyrotechnics he was looking for.

Still yet, I think there’s a profound message revealed from God in that gentle whisper. “Not only am I present in the big deal stuff that grabs all the headlines and attention. But I’m also here with you as we walk together through life each day.” Right after that God sent Elijah “back the way he came” to go and take care of some stuff that he had called him today.

You know, there’s something peaceful and yet at the same time powerful, to live in the moment with God walking by your side.

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