Are UK homes with fibre optic broadband better than the rest?

By now, it is likely that you’ve read about the government’s intention to install fibre optic broadband in most UK homes in the upcoming years. But just what is fibre optic broadband? In simple terms, fibre optic broadband is without a doubt, the best broadband service that any Brits have experienced before.

You might wonder what fibre optic broadband brings to our homes? With an average connection to fibre optic broadband, you can expect speeds of up to 76 megabits per second, a huge improvement on current speeds.

To put these broadband speeds into perspective, with a broadband speed of 50 megabits per second you can download a 100 megabit album within just 16 seconds. You should also expect to be able to download a movie in around 24 minutes.

All of the major UK broadband providers are doing what they can to bring the fastest broadband to the households and businesses of the UK. At present, Virgin Media has provided 12.6 million homes to access to fibre broadband.

Those who are wondering how they can get connected to the best broadband service may need to wait patiently. Fibre optic broadband is more readily available in urban areas, rural areas are sparser.

Additionally, BT offers their Infinity service to four million homes in the UK. BT intends to connect 66 per cent of UK homes with fibre optic broadband within the next two years.

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